the role of companies

Company    –    People    –    Family    –    Planet

You might think that you are thinking your own thoughts. But it’s not like that. You are thinking with the thoughts that you learn in your culture..

Jiddu Krishnamurti, Philosopher.

How is your

work team?

What do we do

We translate interaction patterns of human behavior over time into indicators as  we analyze, modulate, and moderate participant behavior.

How do we do it

We implemented our H2H training program and ourbehavior management and measurement platform in parallel. 
Know the behavior, know the person
Through the analysis and implementation of our behavior indicators and algorithms
we increase the productivity and performance of your team and company.

Get a weekly reading of your leaders’ behavior.

Get to know, foster the potential and capacity of your team members while promoting psychological safety as a fundamental part of your organizational culture.

We have a real opportunity to change the cultural paradigm of companies so that they not only seek profitability, but also become catalysts for social and personal  transformation,  creating a positive impact, obeying the following order:

Company – People – Family – Planet

«Turn your company into the family to which everyone wants to belong»

Eduardo Massé, CEO


Executive team

Eduardo Massé

Founder & CEO

Héctor Jiménez

Co-founder & CFO

Marta Kozak

Investment Advisor

Adrian Mondragón


Alvaro Zavala



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